• Router Hitachi

    Powerful 15 Amp motor delivers top of class cutting speed to rout through hardwoods with ease

  • sample-2

    Τριβείο χούφτας παλμικό Rupes LE 21 AC 

    Ιδανικά για εργασίες και τριβή σε επιφάνειες ξύλου,πλαστικού,στόκου και παλαιών χρωμάτων

  • ake

    the best saw blades in the world

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Since 1970, we own the most modern cutting tools company.We specialise in grindering every kind of tool.Our company, with its completely educated personnel and with the latest technology machines, CNC, is willing to serve you in the best possible way. Whatever the case is, don't hesitate to contact us in order to resolve your problem. 

Grinding every kind of tool is our specialty !